ThopTV APK V45.3.0 Free Download For Android

If you are looking for the latest version of the Thoptv APK for Android Smartphones. On this page, you can find the latest version right with unique features. The latest Download link and more details about ThopTV are just in the down section.

If we go back to a few decades back the tradition of TV was a new thing and people were fond of
watching it. There were only a few channels with some of the best channels and show telecasted on it.
But as time passed by and technology grew the number of channels also grew. AS time passed by,
we witnessed the presence of mobile phones and then the great revolutionary came in the form of the
internet changing every single bit of life.

What is ThopTV?

In the first instance, we need to pay for everything, and it comes up at a certain cost. For example, if you want to buy a certain number of songs like 50 songs either they are in audio form or video form were 100 rupees and we need to visit a certain shop for it to get it purchased but now the most popular streaming android application named ThopTV APK is available for all smartphone users to enjoy unlimited entertainment for free.

As life is moving towards more advancement after that the era of android applications came and we even paid a certain amount of subscription fee for it. But if we look now everything is changed drastically and we can now easily download millions of songs, videos, movies, and other entertainment stuff from the internet. And they don’t even cost us a penny.

If we compare this era of the 21st Century with the 20th century we can easily observe the difference that everything is at our fingertips. We can easily access different platforms more quickly without facing any difficulty and it is simply done by our smartphones. Due to the presence of certain applications, we don’t need to pay high fees and our lifestyle becomes quite easy now.

If your search is about this from where you can get all the channels and enjoy unlimited in zero money so this can be a solution for you. Stay connected with this article until the end because in this article you will get to know about an application which you will love in every way.

Life is moving fast, and we don’t want to waste our time in any type of delay. So, it’s time to save time
and get our task done in the least period. Each one of us is fond of watching different TV shows and movies and other kinds of stuff and doesn’t want to sit straight in front of a laptop and keep watching it. For this, we bring you a solution and that is ThopTV APK to solve every bit of the problem.

This is an android application and allows you to browse thousands of channels on your fingertip. The best part
of this application is that you don’t need to pay extra charges to the developer or any other type of
subscription fee. You can enjoy the magic of this Top TV application free of cost.

Features of ThopTV:

Before you download this amazing application, you must get to know what its feature is and how
ThopTV can help you out. And in this section, we would like to share with you some of the
features that you might not be knowing about this application. The below-mentioned features make it
unique and interesting for you and will convince you to download it today!

  • Get connected with 100s of live sports channels and enjoy the live streaming.
  • Three thousand (3000) approx. availability of international channels.
  • ThopTV database consists of more than 5000 movies.
  • Surf through each channel in a specific category.
  • Create your TV channels list.
  • IPL 2021 Matches live on schedule.
  • Enjoy the fun ride of HD quality streaming by downloading an MX player because Thop TV supports it.
  • Create a separate environment for kids and stream in the cartoon’s channels.
  • Get your free license for Android and PC today.

User-Friendly Interface:

The success of an application comes from its interface that how much it is easy for use and a person
can use it in no time. A user-friendly interface allows the user to enjoy whatsoever they are looking
for by accessing the feature easily and quickly. The greater the understandability of the user interface
the more users will be enjoying it.

Varieties Available To Luxuriat IN:

The availability of the various number of channels and varieties through which you can enjoy your
quality time with your loved ones. It contains a lot of channels that got a lot of stuff according to the
age group available. And you can set your recommendations according to the age groups.

Live Streaming:

Enjoy the live streaming of the channels like sports, news, movies, dramas, etc. having a separate
section availability for teenagers and adults. On the same spot or platform, you can also find a
separate space for children cartoons as well.

Regardless of teenagers and adults, it is a platform for children as well. So, children can also enjoy
their favorite cartoon channels. But here we notify you this as well that if certain channels are not
streaming in your country, they will also be not working on ThopTV as well.

Also, you can watch the live streaming of IPL 2021 on your Android smartphone. Find the live broadcasting of IPL and enjoy the IPL matches on your phone for free.

Safe and Secure Platform:

ThopTV is a safe and secure platform and it is verified from the Google Play services. You can enjoy
it at any time, and it won’t harm you at any cost.

Surf IN Unlimited Way:

There no restrictions, yes you read it right. ThopTV got you an unlimited channel so you can surf freely.
Just type your choice whatever you are looking for and see the magic. You will get several
suggestions and can select one single option.

Moreover, you can also search for generically and get the results you are searching for. Create your
wish list and kill your boredom.

Download Links

ThopTV is the best free application for Android users. If you wish to download it for your Smartphone, then download it from the given link.

Download OlD Versions:

v45.2.3, v45.2.1 , v45.1.0, v45.0.0 , v44. 5.3 , v39.0

WebsiteThopTV Official
Format APK File for Android, IOS
Current VersionLatest V45.3.0
1File Size14.5 MB
Updated02, May 2021
Developer Thopster Athen

Whats New for Users:

  • Fix Sports.
  • Fix time error.
  • Fix all other Bugs.
  • New Version 45.2.2 & v45.3.0

Supports all Android Versions:

This application is compatible with all types of Android and IOS versions. Smartphone users can download ThopTV APK v45.2.1 on any Android device, IOS without any problem because this app will work great and smoothly on Android and IOS Smartphones.

How to Download & Install?

  • Download the APK file at the given link.
  • Install the downloaded APK file. Allowing “unknown resources” for the further installation process.
  • Go to Home after it’s Installed. Open your menu of all apps and you can find the Thoptv app.
  • Click on the Thoptv icon to operate it and enjoy anything you want to watch.
ThopTV APK Installation

How to watch IPL 2021 on Smartphone:

You don’t need a premium plan or any membership to watch IPL on You just need to download and install Thoptv on your device. Follow the below steps so that you can watch live Ipl for your device without any payment.

  • First download and install the latest version through the link given.
  • Open the app on the installed device.
  • Wait for the app to load fully.
  • After it’s done, there you can see the Watch Live IPL option in the Thoptv open layout or interface.
  • Tap on it and watch Live IPL for free utilizing ThopTV latest version.


Whats is ThopTV?

ThopTV is the Android application where Android users easily watch live TV, IPL matches, movies, drams, and TV Shows for free.

Is Thop TV is Safe?

Yes, it is safe for your phone or your computer by any means. The application is simple easy and safe to use on any device you are using.

Is Thoptv available for PC?

Yes, right now Thotv for PC is available. You can check out to download and install on your Windows, MAC, or Linux on the

How to add new Channels?

Access the Add option available in the main menu of the application.

Is ThopTV Not Working Connection Errors Fixed?

Yes, on the ThopTV APK latest version all Bugs and errors are fixed. Now you can easily watch as you wish.

How to update ThopTV?

If you have already downloaded ThopTV previously and now want to update it to the latest version, just click the given download link:

Why need ThopTV?

ThopTV provide all the content for free, that’s why you need the app.

Does it cover only TV Channels?

No, it has now covered radio channels too. With its latest release, the app has included several thousand radio channels from around the world.

Is it Free?

Absolutely free for all users around the world. It also adds a premium plan for users.


In the last, I will say this Thoptv APK is a complete pack of entertainment that will help you in
watching movies, video songs, news, and many other categories. You will get limitless enjoyment on ThopTV. Download this amazing android application from the official website because due For some reason, it is not currently available on Google Play Store.

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